I make no apologies for bringing up the subject of the exceptionally hot weather again. Although you may not believe it, I am old enough to remember the Summer of 1976 when the sun came out in June and didn’t go back in until October. The recent weather is very reminiscent of that year, the weather may be great for the majority of us but not so for our animals.

Please think about your animals, just last week, whilst driving along, I saw somebody walking their dog on the pavement, in the middle of the day, when the temperature was 29°, the dog was labouring but the owner seemed blissfully ignorant and showed no consideration for their dog. We would reiterate that when the Air Temperature is 25°C (77°F) the temperature of the pavements could be 51°C (approx.125°F). If you must walk your dog do it early morning or late evening during this hot spell.

Dogs have died from heatstroke just playing out in the sun in their own garden for a short period. Make sure that they have cool or shaded areas in the house and the garden so that they can rest out of the sun and make sure that they have access to plenty of fresh water.

If your dog is showing signs of Heat Exhaustion such as panting a lot, wrap a wet tea towel around its paws or on the back of its neck, use tepid not cold water. Do not immerse you dog in cold water as this could have an adverse effect. If you think your dog is in distress, take it to the vets immediately.

Finally, never leave your dog alone in your car in hot weather, even if the windows are open as the heat reached in your car will be like that of an oven.

Please Think Dog.

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