When I have an enquiry from a worried owner about a troubled dog with behavioural problems my first reaction is to offer a one to one visit to the dog owner’s home so I can come and assess the dog myself, acknowledge what needs to be done and give my feedback on whether or not I feel I can take on the dog to work with my specific training techniques.

We then follow on with a schedule of levels to see how the dog can progress on each visit according to what it is being taught. Level 1 is very basic, referring to general hygiene of the dog, recalls, walking the dog and basic manners. This is then followed by level 2 which progresses on to sit and stay, walking without pulling and walking next to their owner.

Finally level 3 allows me to see how much your dog has progressed and learnt from the past visits showing me it can watch me, stay, recalls from a long distance and heel.

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