My thanks go to Shirley (and Ivy) for participating in this short insight into training a puppy, from deciding to have another puppy (or dog), to bringing it into your home and introducing it to another dog, bonding with your new dog and integrating it into the pack, then progressing to training with another puppy and to commence socialisation. Because of Covid this has made the process much more difficult as Lockdown does not allow us to hold puppy classes. Our videos show a few of the exercises that your puppy will undertake when classes are allowed to resume. We await the next series of videos following Shirley and Ivy’s progress and hopefully see her going to school subject to Covid allowing it.

Part two shows some of the exercises that we teach in class to help socialise the dogs and in getting the attention of your dog with the “Watch Me” command and also walking your dog to heel. We also teach the rudiments of the stay command, starting from just a few seconds in front of your dog which grows both in time and distance as both you and your dog gain in confidence in each other, always remembering to praise your dog when they successfully complete the exercise so that they know that is what you want. Similarly, the recall (there are four recalls) but we start with the puppy recall as demonstrated in the video, as you and your dog progress we teach the other recalls, which are all done off lead.

We hope that you enjoy the videos and that they may encourage you to bring your dog to training classes to get the best out of your dog and you and your family’s relationship with it.

Shirley had been coming to training with us for nearly six years, with her Springer Spaniel, Holly, and had been thinking about getting a new puppy to add to her family for a while but was not sure when was the best time to take the plunge.

The following videos take you through the various stages, thought processes / concerns in getting a new puppy and introducing it into its new family home and the joy and worries they bring. We show the early months including starting to train the puppy and showing the progress that has and can be made.

Our thanks go to Shirley (and Ivy) for sharing their early experiences with us, as we have enjoyed doing this with you and we hope that this has helped you and will also help other owners through their early journey.

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